Top 5 funniest comedians in 2015

It seems like every year comedy renovate itself. There are many new things happening in the world of comedy right now. Because the one thing that is very difficult to do is to make people laugh and make them some incredible moments that they never forget. Every year we seen so much great and creative ideas in comedy shows and the person who performs make sure his audience loves his acts and praise it so he could develop more and more fun ideas to approach his audience. Below we have listed top 5 funniest comedians in 2015 to give you a taste of how comedy is now opening new doors to something extraordinary thing. Because even in any act if you add a mixture of comedy then it could become something laughable that is how good these young and talented people are.

1. Matt braunger

He is known for his high energy and a very physical strength. He is also known as the big dumb animal that usually makes people laugh by acting like animals and making voices out of his mouth. He makes jokes while making his voice sound like animals that looks very funny and enjoyable. He is very good at stage. Every time his performance looks very action packed and feels dynamic. It will be a good time to spend one hour of laughter with this one.
Matt braunger

2. Jim Norton

Jim Norton has very special ability of making funny sounds from his mouth. A contextual performer whose voice is so deep and sound real that he always comes up something new and enjoyable on the stage every time. His speech with mocking people and give them something to understandable makes him very popular among the young people. A unique voice to act is something very worth praising for.
Jim Norton

3. Nate Bargatze

A very charming personality who makes his audience laughs by pulling certain magic tricks, A full time magician who adds funny elements on the stage by performing various stunts and tricks to give you something charismatic and laughable dose. It would be a great time to go and watch his unforgettable acts on stage.
Nate Bargatze

4. Louis C.K

Louis C.K is the perfect stand up comedian in 2015. He is also known as comedy store king, because he has a very unique talent of asking the questions to his audience and reply them with funny jokes and sharp thoughts. a very wise man who knows how the people will react and give them tons of dose of laughter on stage.
Louis CK

5. Aziz Ansari

Aziz Ansari reveals a very new side of comedy by targeting the reality of how men treat women in this world, giving people a message through his jokes and tricky questions about the brutal reality of life. A comfortable and subtle approach to his audience with his speech to make them understand with funny things in it, he is a very brave performer his popularity is still growing and has got the best stand up comedian award in 2015.
Aziz Ansari

These are the top 5 funniest comedians in 2015 that has given comedy a new looked in its own way. For more information and latest news and updates keep visiting our website.
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