Top 5 Australian celebrity hair styles

In this modern world of today, there are many celebrities we have known so far who are being popular just for having great hairstyles. The most famous hairstyle that is none other than Australian hairstyles, which western women are so perfectly prefer to wear with so much ease. Hairstyles is something it can make your appearances more impressive and reliable in so many ways and from where we get this inspiration of is from Australian women celebrities who are known for making the best hairstyles in the world. Many countries follow Australian hairstyles because of their way of expressing a woman’s personality has never been so great like they do.

1. Carey mulligan (short bob hair style)

Carey’s square shaped face makes this classy shot hairstyle very adorable. The appearance of her hair that highlights the golden blonde and adds more definition to her style, bob short hairstyle is the most famous hair style that is loved by every woman in the world. Especially the Australian women like gold and pink that suits their skin as well. Bob hairstyle has very medium range with curls around the neck makes it more impressionable and countable as well.
Carey mulligan

2. Keira knightly (bob wavy style)

Another very famous hairstyle that is used by most celebrities is bob wavy hairstyle. Because you can see that knightly cheekbones and overall face makes it more flattering. The hairstyle falls in the jaw line that is rich in color and her skin is ideal for those who have warm skin tones. You can style your hair like her and create waves as much you like, its thickness and thin makes easier for you to handle this type of hair.
Keira knightly

3. Emma stone (red blonde style)

Emma stone is known for having so many hairstyles, in fact she is now the pop icon of Australian celebrity hairstyle for wearing so much styles that looks natural in all ways. Many women love the fringe and texture wave style. Many of them uses different colors on it you can even call it read head or red blonde that makes her style more popular in the Australian community.
Emma stone

4. Rose Byrne (fringe sleek style)

Sleek hairstyle is usually loved by everyone especially, the celebrity women. As you can see that Rose is looking amazing with that Fringe sleek, that frames her eyes face perfectly, you can achieve this style by straight cut and you can achieve a smooth cut and brush against your forehead. This Fringe hairstyle look natural and you can add ponytail as well.
Rose Byrne

5. Rosie Whitley (long golden blonde style)

Rosie is loved for her hair styles measures. This is the style that is particularly very popular amongst the Australian women who are uses so many tactics in order make their hair just like hers. This is the style statement that what make her appearance very dashing and astonishing.
Rosie Whitley

These are the top 5 Australian celebrity hair styles that are very famous in the world. For more information and latest news and updates keep visiting our website.
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